Thank you for meeting with myself and Paul today – it was incredibly enlightening for me! I have come home and read through the info you gave us, I can hardly believe how accurate the content is and so applicalbe to our marriage/ our lives. I was expecting our counselling session to end up with the same old story of me being the one with the majority of the problems, and continueing to be frustrated and getting nowhere with our communication. Maybe now I can start to understand Paul a little better? Thank you so much, Jane

Happy to recommend Heike!

Heike has been helping me greatly through some difficult stages in my life. I find her to be very caring, supportive and insightful. She has helped me gain better awareness of difficult situations, which enabled me to overcome theses difficulties and adopt a different outlook. I recommend Heike to anyone seeking guidance, and who wants to find the tools to manage difficulties successfully.

“Sue”, Barossa Valley

We found it so helpful

My husband and I came to counselling at a point where it was too late to make our marriage work. We had left it too long. Nevertheless, Heike helped us focusing on achieving the best outcome for our children (7 and 3). We worked through some issues, and have come to a place of mutual understanding and respect. This is really the best outcome for our children! We would recommend Heike to any couple that is drifting apart – and don’t wait too long to make this step! Thank you Heike. (Tina D., Bridgewater)

Comments from a client

“My husband and I sought help from Heike following our discovery that my husband has Aspergers syndrome. His condition has been causing difficulties in our relationship and family life for some time. Heike was able to provide us with help and support as we came to grips with the ways that Aspergers is affecting us. Her knowledge of Aspergers was invaluable in helping us to identify patterns of behaviour that arise from the condition and in helping me to develop constructive ways to deal with those behaviours. Heike also provided me with emotional support as I realised the implications of the diagnosis for our future. I would recommend Heike to anyone dealing with a diagnosis of Aspergers in their family.”
Southern Fleurieu Penninsula

(Name is changed to protect client’s privacy)